SLI is a global leader in the development of innovative surgical lasers for the hospital and office environments. With a focus on the most effective, minimally invasive technology platforms, we deliver practical laser solutions which enhance patient care, improve clinical outcomes, and maximize availability of service and productivity. High effective minimally invasive laser solutions from our medical laser manufacturers facilitate shorter treatment times, faster recovery, and more cost-effective operations.

We offer two cost-effective and powerful urology lasers for your practice.

  • Pathfinder – The Pathfinder laser is an innovation in laser BPH. This treatment is minimally invasive and makes treatment more comfortable while maintaining clinical efficacy.
  • HYPHO – The HYPHO laser is the most effective compact lithotripsy laser available on the market. It is more compact, more powerful and more cost-effective than other holmium lasers currently available on the market.

Contact our team today for more information about our surgical laser solutions. When you want to provide in-office laser treatments effectively and affordably, you turn to SLI.