Optical Fibers
High quality laser fibres
for multi-discipline
surgical lasers.
Hypho Lasers
Hypho Holmium
An innovation in laser
Minimally invasive treatment
for BPH with the Pathfinder
surgical laser.

Innovative Medical Laser Distributor

Surgical Lasers Inc is an international distributor, service, support, and training organization providing integrated laser-based solutions across multiple medical disciplines to our clients.

Live Workshops Using Surgical Lasers

Offer your patients the very best in-office treatments by taking advantage of cutting-edge laser technology from one of the world’s leading urology laser distributors. More than simply selling you a product, we maximize your return on investment by enhancing the value of our technology with clinical, operational, educational, and practical support.

Didactic and Hands-On Live Patient Clinical Workshops

Comprehensive technical, operational, and clinical training is paramount to the successful implementation of any surgical laser device. An overview of laser physics and fundamentals, absorption characteristics, modes of operation, and technique(s) clearly indicates the operational efficiencies and safety considerations of the device.

Innovations in Laser Lithotripsy

Harness the energy of our new high-performance, compact HYPHO laser for lithotripsy, boasting the highest output energy, and longest pulse duration of any holmium laser in its class.  The most energy-efficient holmium on the market today, the HYPHO delivers unparalleled energy which reduces total treatment time and the longest pulse duration to maximize control and minimize retropulsion whether fragmenting or dusting.

  • Highest Output Energy
  • Longest Pulse Duration
  • Optimized Control and Least Risk of Inadvertent Stone Migration
  • Enhanced Coagulative Ability for Intra-ureteral Tumors
  • Fragmentation & Dusting Modes
  • Portable (110V) and Can Work in ANY Room, Multi-disciplinary, Practical & Cost-effective

Office-Based Laser BPH Treatment

While several treatment alternatives exist, a fundamental objective of enhanced quality of care is to deliver the most effective, least invasive treatments in a cost-effective, practical manner. Provide your patient with top-quality care that improves their quality of life, delivering both immediate and lasting results, by taking advantage of the following benefits of our BPH lasers:

  • Safe, High Performance, Clinically Effective & Minimally Invasive
  • Wavelength Optimized for Simultaneous Vaporization & Coagulation
  • Durable Coagulation & Excellent Visibility
  • Contact, Lateral Fire & End Fire Fibers for Vaporization & Enucleation
  • Portable (110V) and Can Work in ANY Room, Multi-disciplinary, Practical & Cost-effective
  • More than Short Term Symptom Relief!

The importance of minimally invasive procedures

Any surgery carries risks for the patient, especially when the patient is elderly, chronically ill, or medically compromised. With minimally invasive surgical lasers, your patient is much less likely to experience the potential side effects of general anesthesia, the post-operative care associated with traditional surgery, or the lengthy healing process that can put a strain on even the healthiest individuals. Provide the best for your patient as well as your medical practice by reaching out to Surgical Lasers Inc. to learn how we can enhance the quality of care you deliver and profitably grow your practice.

Contact us today to learn how others have benefited from the value of our surgical laser solutions.