Surgical Lasers Inc. (SLI) Announces New Covid-19 Support Programs

Surgical Lasers Inc. (SLI) Announces New Covid-19 Support Programs Practical Access to State of the Art Lasers and Fibers for Lithotripsy & BPH to Address the Backlog of Elective Procedures

May 2020

As health professionals in the medical device industry, we are all aware of the impact of Covid-19 on our personal and professional lives.  We know that acting responsibly and practicing social distancing and self- isolation where relevant are the two most important actions we must respect in an effort to minimize the impact and expedite the process of recovery for patients, hospital personnel, front line workers, and the economy.

While we at SLI maintain our commitment to these fiduciary responsibilities, we are also intimately aware of the need to continue to maintain the standard and availability of health care services to those in need.  The conditions we treat are in some cases elective, but with delays in treatment come increases in severity and the inevitable evolution to non-elective/essential surgeries to deal with issues like kidney failure, urinary retention, pain & discomfort, etc.  This will surely create a backlog of patients for ureteroscopy and BPH surgery and a significant financial burden on hospitals and surgical centers currently faced with increased requirements on already limited budgets and resources.

As a commitment to support the continued quality and availability of care for urology patients in need, Surgical Lasers Inc. is sponsoring unique programs that will give surgery centers and hospitals affordable, practical access to the equipment required to deliver these essential services.  These programs include all-inclusive “cost per case” financing and deferred payment alternatives.  The all-inclusive “cost per case” programs include the use of the laser, single-use disposable fiber, and optional training and certification of staff members.  Given there is no requirement outright purchase the laser system, there is no need to allocate funds from already limited budgets and the overall cost to the facility is significantly more affordable than capital acquisition or current rental alternatives. 

Having the product remain onsite also ensures availability as resources from third party rental companies become strained with excess demand. Another significant and unique characteristic that enhances the versatility of all the SLI laser systems is the fact that they all run on standard 110V power and can work in ANY room in the surgical center or hospital.

Furthering efforts to minimize the financial impact of dealing with the backlog, SLI is temporarily waiving all delivery, installation, set-up and training fees and provides the client with no-charge certification training for existing staff, or the option of having personnel available to operate the devices.  Given the lasers will remain onsite, there will also be no more concern relative to cancellation fees.

Our commitment to place our state of the art family of surgical lasers at a competitive cost and without the requirement to access capital budgets or resources from rental companies is the most practical and cost-effective solution for these services available on the market today!  It also represents an excellent opportunity for clinicians to experience the clinical and operational benefits of excellence in engineering, from the longest pulsed, highest energy holmium laser for fragmentation, dusting, and various soft tissue applications, to the highest energy portable diode laser for vaporization or enucleation.

We remain committed to maintaining the quality and availability of care in consideration of the economic impact of Covid-19.  Please contact us at T: (905) 853-9090, Email:, or your local representative to learn more or with any questions you may have.