Surgical Lasers Inc. Launches the New Pathfinder Portable Laser for Office Based BPH Procedures

New versatile multi-disciplinary portable laser facilitates safe and effective office-based BPH treatments

July 15th, 2017 – Newmarket, ON

Surgical Lasers Inc. (SLI), today announced the launch of a unique laser solution for office and surgical center/operating room based BPH surgery; the new Pathfinder, high energy, portable diode laser, and fibers.  As an alternative to other ‘minimally invasive’ office-based BPH treatments, this innovative technology offers a practical laser-based alternative that targets a similar treatment objective to the Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP), recognized as the ‘gold standard’ for the surgical treatment of enlarged prostates.

Supported by decades of evidence-based clinical research, laser procedures are well established as a credible alternative for enlarged prostate surgery.  The limitation of performing the procedure in surgical suites and private offices has traditionally been the functionality of the devices (efficiency of vaporization and coagulation), the cost of the equipment, and consumable and established local anesthetic protocol(s).

The Pathfinder’s maximum available output power of 200 watts facilitates efficient and effective vaporization of the target tissue. This lasers unique wavelength of light sits at a harmonic absorption peak of both water and oxyhemoglobin, making it an ideal wavelength for effective rates of tissue ablation and simultaneously enhanced coagulation[1], hence its popularity across multiple medical disciplines for this purpose. Durable coagulation is the most significant differentiator between this laser and alternative lasers currently used for this procedure in operating rooms and surgery centers today.

From a practical perspective, this innovative device is portable (<30 kg), runs on 115V power, and is virtually maintenance-free with the exception of an annual calibration verification. It delivers the highest output power in its class and is the only portable laser on the market that supports, contact, and side fire fibers for vaporization as well as end-fire fibers for enucleation.  At the discretion of the surgeon, procedures can be performed in the operating room, surgical suite, and local office under either general or local anesthetic.  The system is multi-disciplinary (FDA 510K Clearances) and cost-effective, as are the fibers which are manufactured by SLI.

The fundamental differentiator of this innovative laser solution vs. other ‘minimally invasive’ office-based alternatives for BPH, is the ability to remove obstruction associated with lateral lobes, median lobes and high bladder necks without the requirement for implants or ongoing medications.  The high energy 980nm diode laser achieves excellent hemostasis while delivering immediate relief from obstructive voiding symptoms.[2] The portability, functionality, affordability, and alternative local anesthetic protocol, facilitates a practical office-based laser BPH alternative with measurable benefits for patients and clinicians alike.

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