Minimally Invasive Treatment of BPH with Pathfinder Surgical Lasers

The ONLY Surgical Laser Which Practically Facilitates In-office Laser BPH Procedures.

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The unique practical, technical, operational and clinical benefits of this laser solution makes it an ideal catalyst for office-based laser BPH procedures.  Unlike other “minimally invasive” office-based alternatives which often only deliver temporary symptom relief, this solution targets the treatment objective of TURP (Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate; the recognized gold standard for BPH treatment) in a considerably less invasive manner, hence facilitating office-based procedures.  Office-based BPH laser treatments benefit the clinician and patient alike.

In-Office Laser BPH – Enhanced Patient Care and Profitable Practice Growth

Patient acceptance increases with an office-based alternative and with no requirement for a hospital visit or overnight stay.  The local anesthetic alternative and outpatient treatment represent enhanced patient care and compensation is significantly higher for performing the procedure with urology lasers in an office, hence profitable practice growth. A true win-win relationship!

The Pathfinder Advantage

  • Clinically Effective & Safe – similar treatment objective as TURP (with superior coagulation)
  • Short & Long Term Results – immediate symptom relief and long term results
  • Economically Priced laser & fibers facilitates cost effective procedures
  • Portable & easy to share within or between facilities (including other medical disciplines)
  • Higher Compensation for urologists (Office)
  • Reduce Operating Costs for hospitals
  • Higher Patient Acceptance – local anesthetic alternative and office based / outpatient procedure
  • Vaporization or Enucleation – support for all laser BPH surgical techniques

The Pathfinder represents a renaissance in the minimally invasive treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Revolutionary 200 watt diode laser technology (highest output energy in its class) combined with the selective absorption characteristics of the 980nm wavelength set the standard for clinical efficacy and optimized performance.

The Pathfinder’s enhanced selective ablation results are compelling; fast and effective laser ablation rates (including fibrous tissue) combined with durable coagulation which can reduce treatment times for an average sized prostate to less than 15 minutes. Shorter treatment times with our surgical lasers and optimized preservation of surrounding healthy tissue equates to fast healing and quick recovery.

The Importance of Wavelength

With water comprising the highest percentage of the target and considering 980nm’s harmonic absorption peak in water, this wavelength is optimized for soft tissue procedures.  With excellent absorption in both water and blood products, the Pathfinder can ablate and durably coagulate the average sized prostate within shorter treatment times. The practical advantage of durable coagulation is greater visibility which also enhances performance.

Highest Available Output Energy in its Class – 200 Watts

The industry’s first 200 watt 980nm diode laser using side fire, end fire, and contact fiber technology.

Compact, Portable & Durable Design

Lightweight (<30Kg), compact and truly portable, the Pathfinder runs on 110V power and can be easily transported to a hospital or surgi-center, within the hospital or to a private office.  This ergonomic design also ideally supports interdisciplinary use within the hospital environment.  No requirement for expensive transportation costs.


Wavelength 980nm (invisible)
Output Energy Up to 200 Watts
Modes of Operation 5ms – 10s and CW
Aiming Beam 635nm, 1mW, Variable Intensity
Fiber Delivery 600µm lateral fire, 800µm contact (Vaporization), 600µm end-fire (Enucleation)
Power Supply 110 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 60cm x 28cm x 45cm (w x d x h)
Weight 30kg