The Intelligent Engineering of the HYPHO Medical Laser

PERFORMANCE – Up to 8 Joules of Output Energy

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The HYPHO medical laser has higher available output energy than any holmium laser available on the market today and is engineered to outperform today and into the future. Performance is ensured regardless of stone size, and this unparalleled performance is delivered in a compact design and without the requirement for 220/240V input power.

The HYPHO laser features a sophisticated delivery system which ensures higher energy delivered to the distal end of smaller fibers. In this regard, you no longer have to compromise performance for access as with other surgical lasers.


Featuring the largest range of output energy in its class, the HYPHO urology laser can be adjusted to as low as .2 joules for smaller stones and to minimize impact in sensitive areas. Another fundamental characteristic of control is the ability to adjust the pulse duration, and in that regard, the HYPHO medical laser has the broadest range and longest available pulse duration of any holmium laser on the market.

While short pulse durations are valuable for fragmenting harder, larger stone, longer pulse durations are paramount in facilitating the control required for dusting away smaller particles of stones located in sensitive areas such as renal calculi and stones in the upper ureter. Optimized for control, the long fragmentation mode of dusting away stones also minimizes the risk of retropulsion.


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  • Highest Available Output Energy
  • Longest Available Pulse Duration
  • Portable, 110V
  • Easy to Use Pre-set Settings (Adjustable)
  • Enhanced Visibility Aiming Beam (GREEN, Variable Intensity)
  • Cost Effective High Quality Consumables