The HYPHO Laser – An Innovation in Laser Lithotripsy

The Highest Performance 35 Watt Compact Holmium Laser Truly Capable of Dusting

group of surgeons at operation in operating roomPerformance – Up to 35 watts, 30Hz, 8j
Control – Fragmentation & Stone Dusting
Mobility – Compact Design / Integrated Cart / 115V
Enhanced Visibility – High Intensity GREEN Aiming Beam
Higher Return on Investment – Cost Effective Laser & Fibers

An Evolution in Holmium Laser Engineering

Specifically engineered to treat any kind of stone in lithotripsy safely and effectively, the new HYPHO laser combines the practical, technical, and clinical benefits of competitive compact and higher-performance holmium lasers in a cost-effective, compact device. Clinical efficacy is paramount with the highest output energy in its class and the longest pulse durations (“dusting” and coagulation) of any holmium laser. An unparalleled return on investment, the HYPHO medical laser is competitively priced and is available with the highest performance and the most cost-effective consumables on the market.

Optimized for Performance

An unparalleled 8 joules of output energy from a compact surgical laser rivals the performance of any holmium laser.

Optimized for Control

Unlimited protocol settings from 0.2j for effective treatment of the smallest stones and longer pulse duration to maximize stone stability and minimize the risk of retropulsion make these surgical lasers precise and safe.

Ease of Use

The simplified pre-set setting for fragmentation (long and short pulsed) and fundamental soft tissue settings (vaporization and coagulation) selected from a color touchscreen LCD can also be easily adjusted to enhance performance and control including responding to coagulation and minimizing the risk of retropulsion.

Compact Design - 115V Power - Enhanced Visibility

The HYPHO laser features a small footprint (under 53Kg) operating with 115V power. The laser also features a new adjustable green aiming beam for improved visualization.

The Longest Pulse Duration of ANY Holmium Laser – “Stone Dusting” & Stability

Evidence-based research in the public domain suggests stone “dusting” may facilitate shorter procedure time by eliminating the requirement for basket retrieval. Longer pulse durations have also been indicated to decrease inadvertent stone migration and the risks associated with retropulsion.

Real Time Information – Enhanced Client Database – Responsive Customer Support

An integrated patient database can easily store and intuitively display treatment protocols, including images and video. Remote diagnostics and the ability to download software upgrades minimizes the cost and improves the response time and customer support service levels.


Wavelength 2100nm (invisible)
Output Energy Up to 35 Watts
Energy 0.2 to 8.0 joules
Pulse Rate 3 – 30 Hz
Fiber Delivery 200µm to1,000µm
Aiming Beam <5mW, 532nm GREEN
Power Supply 115 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 50cm x 54cm x 40cm (w x d x h)
Weight <53kg