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In-Office Laser BPH – Enhancing the Patient Experience

smiling doctor making notes on a chartTechnological advances in the medical field not only make treatment more effective, but they enhance the patient experience. When creating new treatment methods, increasing patient comfort should always be a goal. This is why the ability to perform BPH treatments in an office setting instead of an OR is such a breakthrough. This treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia achieves permanent results with a shorter recovery time and can be performed in your office with the portable and compact Pathfinder Laser.


Innovative urology lasers have made resection of the prostate much easier for both surgeons and patients. Still, not many patients are comfortable with OR surgical procedures. Being able to perform this operation in your office instead of an OR provides the patient with the comfort of familiar surroundings. The operation is performed by a familiar face: their urologist, which makes patients feel more confident and patient acceptance for the procedure rises.


The Pathfinder in-office laser solution is incredibly convenient. Patients go to their urologist’s office for the procedure and can go home the same day. You also have the option of using only local anesthetic, eliminating the potential complications that come with anesthesia.


The Pathfinder Laser is a cost-effective solution for BPH. You don’t have to use hospital resources, you can perform more procedures in a day because total treatment times are shoter, and total treatment costs with the Pathfinfer laser and fibers are lower regardless of where the treatments are perfromed (office or OR).

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The Innovation of the Pathfinder Laser

smiling doctorIn our last post, we discussed how the Pathfinder Laser makes the TURP procedure more comfortable for patients because it is minimally invasive and requires much less recovery time. In this post, we will look at the science behind this innovative soft tissue laser and discuss how it works more in-depth.

The Science

In plain terms, the laser can only interact with tissue in the presence of something called a photo-receptor molecule – a molecule capable of absorbing the photonic energy emitted by the laser. The higher the absorption of the laser light in the molecule, the greater the interaction. The prostate is a ‘soft tissue’ gland and the Pathfinder 980nm diode laser specifically targets water in soft tissue (soft tissue is comprised of more than 70% water). This results in more efficient and effective interaction and hence ‘ablation’ or vaporization of the prostate, which means that treatment time is drastically reduced.

The Pathfinder is also much safer to use because its efficient targeting method results in less collateral thermal effect on the surrounding healthy tissue. The specific light emitted by the laser precisely controls depth of penetration and practically eliminates the risk of the laser inadvertently interacting with any of the surrounding healthy tissue.

More Efficient Technology

Not only is the Pathfinder an innovative treatment for reducing recovery times and maximizing patient comfort, but it also makes it possible for laser BPH to be done in-office rather than in the hospital. The Pathfinder is manufactured to be energy efficient, compact, and portable, and it runs on standard 110V electricity. It is also cost-effective and can be used as an alternative for multiple surgical procedures. Its portability allows it to be easily transported between locations.

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Benefits of Using the Pathfinder Laser for TURP

doctor with older male patientTrans-Urethral Resection of the Prostate, also known as TURP, is a surgical procedure used to treat an enlarged prostate. Enlarged prostates can cause frequent urges to urinate, difficulty urinating, slow urination, frequent urination at night, inability to completely empty your bladder, and urinary tract infections. Blocked urine flow due to the enlarged prostate can also affect kidney and bladder function, cause inability to control urination, bladder stones, blood in your urine, or an inability to urinate. TURP is the traditional surgical procedure used to combat these complications of prostate enlargement.

The Traditional TURP Surgical Procedure

The traditional TURP surgical procedure is done by inserting a device called a resectoscope into the tip of the penis through the urethra to the prostate gland where the surgeon can trim excess tissue from the prostate which is blocking urine flow, piece by piece. These pieces are removed at the end of the operation. After the procedure, patients will likely be in the hospital for at least 1 to 2 days and rely on a catheter to urinate for 24 to 48 hours or more until the swelling goes down and bleeding subsides. Patients may also experience irritating symptoms post-op, like blood in your urine, painful urination, or frequent urges to urinate. These symptoms typically last six to eight weeks.

The Laser TURP Procedure

With the help of a TURP laser, this procedure is equally effective and far less invasive. The Pathfinder Laser can perform the TURP procedure in a minimally invasive way, and as an outpatient procedure in a surgical suite or office rather than in the hospital. The benefits of using laser treatment for this surgery are significant:

  • This treatment is minimally invasive, resulting in increased patient comfort.
  • Significantly less bleeding.
  • Decreased recovery times.
  • Immediate symptom relief.
  • Long-term results.
  • No requirement for overnight stay.
  • Shorter catheter time required post-op.

For more information about how the Pathfinder can improve patient comfort and treatment efficacy, contact the team at Surgical Lasers, Inc. today.

The Benefits of Using Our High-Quality Optical Fibers for Laser BPH

optical fiber passing through needle

When performing laser BPH treatments, you need optical fibers you can trust to deliver predictable results. Our FDA-approved fibers are manufactured in accordance with the industry’s highest quality standards and can support multiple wavelengths and medical procedures. The fibers are available in multiple sizes, and are configured with standard SMA-905 connectors.

BPH Treatment

Prostate gland enlargement or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is a common condition in older men. This condition can cause bladder and urinary tract infections, kidney problems, and can block the flow of urine by compressing the urethra. Treatments range from medications to surgery, but treating BPH with lasers is one of the most minimally-invasive and effective treatments available.

Using our optic fibers with our BPH lasers has many advantages. Maximum energy delivered to the target tissue leads to higher performance, more control, and predictable results in shorter treatment times for the patient. Our high quality fibers facilitate our primary objective to simultaneously maximize patient comfort and the clinical efficacy of treatments.

We are the only provider that supports all BPH laser techniques with a single laser device; lateral fire and lateral fire contact fibers for vaporization, and bare end fire fibers for enucleation. Contact our experts for more information and to obtain our high-quality optical fibers for your BPH lasers.

Using the HYPHO Compact Laser for Lithotripsy

doctor with patient

A result of decades of knowledge, experience and excellence in engineering holmium urology lasers, the HYPHO compact laser is specifically designed to optimize both performance and control when performing laser lithotripsy procedures. The HYPHO combines practical, technical, and clinical benefits of high-performance holmium lasers in a more cost-effective, compact device.

Laser Lithotripsy

A universally acknowledged treatment alternative, laser lithotripsy uses surgical lasers to fragment urinary calculi to a passable size or to the point where they can be removed during the procedure.  In this regard, a range of output energy is required to fragment all sizes of stone (hard and soft) in a safe and effective manner. While effective on most urinary calculi, compact systems may experience performance limitations on larger/harder stones. Conversely, larger, higher performance systems which run on 220V power, can be cost prohibitive.

A recent innovation in fragmentation techniques referred to as ‘dusting’ employs specific settings to break apart smaller fragments of urinary calculi, which can eliminate the requirement for basket retrieval and save considerable procedure time. Finally, control; fundamentally referring to inadvertent stone migration, is of paramount importance specifically in the kidney and upper ureter.  

Benefits of Using the HYPHO Laser for Lithotripsy

In addition to being more affordable than comparable holmium lasers, the HYPHO holmium laser has higher available output energy (joules) than any holmium laser available on the market today. This unparalleled performance is delivered in a compact design without the requirement for 220/240V input power.

With the largest range of output energy in its class, the HYPHO laser can also be adjusted to as low as .2 joules for smaller stones to minimize impact on sensitive areas.  Furthermore, the HYPHO is capable of all forms of fragmentation including dusting, and with the longest pulse duration in its class, delivers maximum control over inadvertent stone migration and retropulsion.  For those looking to maximize patient comfort, performance and control when performing laser lithotripsy treatments, without spending too much of their budget, there is no better surgical laser on the market. Contact our team today for more information.

Get Lasting Results with Laser BPH Treatment

male patient consulting with doctorBenign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, is an enlarged prostate. During the second growth phase of the prostate, it can grow too large and suppress the urethra, causing bladder issues. BPH is very common in men over the age of 50 and can be treated with a medical laser.

Optimal BPH Treatment with Pathfinder

The Pathfinder is a BPH laser that supports all available laser treatment techniques, making it extremely versatile. A minimally invasive treatment, the laser selectively vaporizes the tissue obstructing the urethra while coagulation the surrounding tissue. The results are immediate and long-lasting.

Benefits of the Pathfinder Laser for BPH

The Pathfinder is an effective treatment for BPH, but it also has other benefits:

  • Supports All Available Treatment Techniques – Pathfinder can be used with a lateral fire (non-contact) or ball tip (contact) fiber, or enucleation (end-cutting fiber).
  • Can Be Utilized in Numerous Ways – The Pathfinder laser can be programmed to work over a wide range of energy settings to enhance its effectiveness on various types of tissue. It can also be set to work in continuous wave and pulsed mode depending on what is needed.
  • Various Options Available for Local Anesthetics for In-Office Procedures – There are many different ways to manage the patient’s comfort during the procedure, including a combination of oral medications, lobe and intra-urethral injections and a peri-prostatic nerve block.

One of the most important benefits of the Pathfinder laser is that it can be used in a doctor’s office, OR, or surgical suite. Contact our team today to learn more about the Pathfinder.

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Surgical Lasers Inc. Launches the New Pathfinder Portable Laser for Office Based BPH Procedures

New versatile multi-disciplinary portable laser facilitates safe and effective office-based BPH treatments

July 15th, 2017 – Newmarket, ON

Surgical Lasers Inc. (SLI), today announced the launch of a unique laser solution for office and surgical center/operating room based BPH surgery; the new Pathfinder, high energy, portable diode laser, and fibers.  As an alternative to other ‘minimally invasive’ office-based BPH treatments, this innovative technology offers a practical laser-based alternative that targets a similar treatment objective to the Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP), recognized as the ‘gold standard’ for the surgical treatment of enlarged prostates.

Supported by decades of evidence-based clinical research, laser procedures are well established as a credible alternative for enlarged prostate surgery.  The limitation of performing the procedure in surgical suites and private offices has traditionally been the functionality of the devices (efficiency of vaporization and coagulation), the cost of the equipment, and consumable and established local anesthetic protocol(s).

The Pathfinder’s maximum available output power of 200 watts facilitates efficient and effective vaporization of the target tissue. This lasers unique wavelength of light sits at a harmonic absorption peak of both water and oxyhemoglobin, making it an ideal wavelength for effective rates of tissue ablation and simultaneously enhanced coagulation[1], hence its popularity across multiple medical disciplines for this purpose. Durable coagulation is the most significant differentiator between this laser and alternative lasers currently used for this procedure in operating rooms and surgery centers today.

From a practical perspective, this innovative device is portable (<30 kg), runs on 115V power, and is virtually maintenance-free with the exception of an annual calibration verification. It delivers the highest output power in its class and is the only portable laser on the market that supports, contact, and side fire fibers for vaporization as well as end-fire fibers for enucleation.  At the discretion of the surgeon, procedures can be performed in the operating room, surgical suite, and local office under either general or local anesthetic.  The system is multi-disciplinary (FDA 510K Clearances) and cost-effective, as are the fibers which are manufactured by SLI.

The fundamental differentiator of this innovative laser solution vs. other ‘minimally invasive’ office-based alternatives for BPH, is the ability to remove obstruction associated with lateral lobes, median lobes and high bladder necks without the requirement for implants or ongoing medications.  The high energy 980nm diode laser achieves excellent hemostasis while delivering immediate relief from obstructive voiding symptoms.[2] The portability, functionality, affordability, and alternative local anesthetic protocol, facilitates a practical office-based laser BPH alternative with measurable benefits for patients and clinicians alike.

[1] Wendt-Nordahl G, Huckele S, Honeck P, et al, 980-nm diode laser: a novel laser technology for vaporization of the prostate. Eur Urol. 2007; 52: 1`723 – 1728.

[2] Chien-Hsu Chen, Po Hu Chiang, Yao Chi Chuang, Wei Ching Lee, Yen Ta Chen, Wei Chai Lee, Prostate Diseases and Male Voiding Dysfunction, Preliminary Results in Prostate Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia by Using a 200 Watt High Intensity Diode Laser, J.Urology – 2009.09.033 ©2010 Elsevier Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Surgical Lasers Inc. Highlights Versatility of the new Pathfinder Portable Laser for Office Based BPH Procedures

Innovative laser supports contact and lateral (side) fire fibers for vaporization as well as end fire fibers for enucleation

September 8th, 2017 – Newmarket, ON

Surgical Lasers Inc. (SLI), a pioneer in innovative laser technologies with an emphasis on continuous improvement initiatives for legacy systems, announced today the availability of three (3) unique consumable fibers, for its new Pathfinder portable diode laser for BPH treatments. This announcement follows the successful launch of the Pathfinder earlier this year.

A clinically proven alternative for the treatment of enlarged prostates, various laser technologies are being used globally with a variety of optical fibers.  These include contact fibers and lateral (side) fire fibers for vaporization and end fire fibers for enucleation.  The new Pathfinder laser is the only portable laser currently available on the market which supports all three fiber types, hence can be used for either vaporization or enucleation at the discretion of the surgeon.  This enhanced functionality differentiates this unique multidisciplinary laser platform from competitive systems which are limited to working with a single fiber technology.

The ability to enucleate with this innovative device also provides a safe, effective and practical alternative to Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HOLEP), performed with high energy holmium lasers, which are typically much larger, and require 220/240v power.  By comparison, the Pathfinder diode laser is a portable device (<30kg) which runs on standard 115V power. Over and above the practical advantages of implementing the portable diode laser for enucleation, its enhanced ability to coagulate may improve the efficiency of the procedures by improving visibility.

An integral component of any laser surgery with a fiber based system is the consumable or reusable optical fiber and the availability of all three fibers means urologists can realize the benefits of the new Pathfinder portable diode laser for either laser vaporization or enucleation of the prostate.  Clinical and operational advantages of this innovative device include efficient and effective vaporization with durable coagulation and, in consideration of the technique, and at the discretion of the surgeon, it is possible to perform procedures in the operating room, surgical center and private office under either local or general anesthetic.

Surgical Lasers Inc. Showcases Its New HYPHO Holmium Laser at the American Urological Association (AUA) Annual Meeting

An Evolution in Holmium Laser Engineering optimizing performance and control

May 12th, 2017 – Newmarket, ON

Surgical Lasers Inc. (SLI) further solidified its mission of introducing innovative, practical, clinically effective yet minimally invasive laser technology to the market, with the official launch of the new HYPHO holmium laser technology at the American Urological Association (AUA) 2017 Annual Meeting in Boston, MA.  Proprietary engineering differentiates this compact technological innovation which delivers control and performance specifications consistent with much larger, higher power devices requiring 220/240 VAC power.

The addition of the new HYPHO holmium laser to the SLI product family is consistent with a corporate commitment to continuous improvement initiatives with a focus on introducing the market to practical alternatives to existing legacy systems.  Technological breakthroughs from the HYPHO’s intelligent engineering optimize both performance and control.

The HYPHO is an affordable, compact (<53kg) holmium laser which runs on 115V power and redefines the performance capabilities of a compact holmium laser with the highest output energy (joules) of any holmium laser in its class.  Furthermore, the HYPHO delivers the longest pulse duration of any holmium laser on the market today, which maximizes control and minimizes retropulsion and inadvertent stone migration, of particular importance when working on calculi in the kidney and upper ureter.[1]

The unparalleled (industry’s longest) pulse duration of the new HYPHO laser is also indicated to facilitate the more controlled process of stone ablation referred to as ‘dusting’, with longer pulse durations producing a greater photo-thermal effect on the target tissue.[2]  Also referred to as ‘long fragmentation’, combinations of long pulse duration and variable frequencies facilitates the ability to ablate or ‘dust’ away smaller particles from the perimeter of calculi in the absence of mobility, a key differentiator of this technology vs. other compact < 35 watt holmium lasers.

Traditionally facilitated with higher powered (220/240V) holmium lasers requiring higher frequencies, the ability to deliver similar performance using this innovative compact, 115V, 35 watt laser provides the market with a credible, viable alternative for the most current laser lithotripsy techniques.

Finally, longer pulse durations provide further benefit in improving coagulation in holmium laser soft tissue surgery and maintaining the integrity of the fiber(s), further enhancing performance and protecting the investment in consumables.  The HYPHO holmium laser works with various SLI manufactured fiber sizes ranging from 200 – 1000µm.

In parallel with the US launch of the HYPHO, SLI looks forward to the feedback from scheduled upcoming product evaluations with leading international experts and opinion leaders experienced in the latest innovations in high-performance holmium laser systems for fragmentation as well as stone dusting.


[1] Impact of pulse duration on Ho:YAG laser lithotripsy: fragmentation and dusting performance

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