In our last post, we discussed how the Pathfinder Laser makes the TURP procedure more comfortable for patients because it is minimally invasive and requires much less recovery time. In this post, we will look at the science behind this innovative soft tissue laser and discuss how it works more in-depth.

The Science

In plain terms, the laser can only interact with tissue in the presence of something called a photo-receptor molecule – a molecule capable of absorbing the photonic energy emitted by the laser. The higher the absorption of the laser light in the molecule, the greater the interaction. The prostate is a ‘soft tissue’ gland and the Pathfinder 980nm diode laser specifically targets water in soft tissue (soft tissue is comprised of more than 70% water). This results in more efficient and effective interaction and hence ‘ablation’ or vaporization of the prostate, which means that treatment time is drastically reduced.

The Pathfinder is also much safer to use because its efficient targeting method results in less collateral thermal effect on the surrounding healthy tissue. The specific light emitted by the laser precisely controls depth of penetration and practically eliminates the risk of the laser inadvertently interacting with any of the surrounding healthy tissue.

More Efficient Technology

Not only is the Pathfinder an innovative treatment for reducing recovery times and maximizing patient comfort, but it also makes it possible for laser BPH to be done in-office rather than in the hospital. The Pathfinder is manufactured to be energy efficient, compact, and portable, and it runs on standard 110V electricity. It is also cost-effective and can be used as an alternative for multiple surgical procedures. Its portability allows it to be easily transported between locations.

To learn more about the Pathfinder Laser and its applications, contact our team at Surgical Lasers, Inc.

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Technological advances in the medical field not only make treatment more effective, but they enhance the patient experience. When creating new treatment methods, increasing patient comfort should always be a goal. This is why the ability to perform BPH treatments in an office setting instead of an OR is such a breakthrough. This treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia achieves permanent results with a shorter recovery time and can be performed in your office with the portable and compact Pathfinder Laser.


Innovative urology lasers have made resection of the prostate much easier for both surgeons and patients. Still, not many patients are comfortable with OR surgical procedures. Being able to perform this operation in your office instead of an OR provides the patient with the comfort of familiar surroundings. The operation is performed by a familiar face: their urologist, which makes patients feel more confident and patient acceptance for the procedure rises.


The Pathfinder in-office laser solution is incredibly convenient. Patients go to their urologist’s office for the procedure and can go home the same day. You also have the option of using only local anesthetic, eliminating the potential complications that come with anesthesia.


The Pathfinder Laser is a cost-effective solution for BPH. You don’t have to use hospital resources, you can perform more procedures in a day because total treatment times are shoter, and total treatment costs with the Pathfinfer laser and fibers are lower regardless of where the treatments are perfromed (office or OR).

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When implementing a new procedure or piece of equipment at your practice, having the right training is essential. That’s why our medical laser manufacturers also offer comprehensive didactic and hands-on clinical workshops and onsite physician and staff training.

Comprehensive Technical, Operational, and Clinical Training

Our training programs are packed with useful information including an overview of laser physics and fundamentals, absorption characteristics, modes of operation, and techniques. Understanding the science behind the laser solutions you implement will significantly increase your ability to perform procedures for your patients. We also go over the operational efficiencies and safety considerations of the surgical lasers.

Live Clinical Workshops with an Experienced Laser Clinician

In addition to didactic training, we also offer hands-on live patient clinical workshops. Our experienced laser clinician also provides in-office operational and surgical training for new users. Our clinical trainers have over 30 years of OR training and experience across multiple medical disciplines.

SLI Onsite Training 

Our onsite training helps clients optimize the clinical experience safely and effectively. Our training includes system orientation, functionality, consumables, safety, sterilization, operational technique recommendations, and reference information.

View our calendar to find an education event near you. Contact our team today for more information about our surgical laser solutions and onsite training programs.

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Investing in quality medical equipment for your medical practice is not always cost-effective.  Given the cost prohibitive nature of implementing current technology into an office environment, patients often have no choice but to head to the hospital to get the treatments they require. With the Pathfinder laser, this is no longer the cases as it facilitates office based laser BPH procedure in a cost effective manner.

Low Investment Cost – The Pathfinder is a multi-disciplinary diode laser that can be manufactured in a cost effective manner. Compared to alternative laser systems, these urology lasers have a much lower purchase price.

Low Maintenance Cost – This high-performance laser is virtually maintenance-free, only requiring annual calibration is most cases. You no longer need costly monthly maintenance contracts to own and operate a surgical laser.

Low Logistics Cost – The Pathfinder medical laser weighs less than 30Kg and is housed in a portable case. This makes it easy to move the laser between facilities, making obtaining this laser and transporting it is very affordable.

Low Consumables Cost – The Pathfinder utilizes the most affordable, highest-quality fibers on the market, including lateral/side fire, contact, and end-cutting fibers. The cost of consumables is probably the most crucial difference between the Pathfinder and other medical lasers.

The Pathfinder is an extremely effective yet affordable medical laser that makes in-office laser BPH a possibility. Learn more about the Pathfinder here.

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