Major urological procedures like BPH, TURP, and laser lithotripsy used to require a visit to the hospital operating room. Today, you can implement certain minimally invasive solutions in your office or outpatient facility with surgical lasers. Surgical Lasers Inc. offers two practical laser solutions designed to improve clinical outcomes, facilitate shorter treatment times and faster recovery, and maximize the availability of service and productivity.

The Pathfinder Laser – The Pathfinder utilizes the latest technology for effective laser BPH. This surgical laser makes treatment more comfortable for patients while maintaining clinical efficacy. The laser is also cost-effective and portable, making it easy to perform laser BPH with local anesthetic in an in-office environment.

The HYPHO Laser – The HYPHO laser is more versatile and cost-effective than any other holmium laser available on the market. The HYPHO represents a viable, high performance and precise alternative for laser lithotripsy in any operating room or surgery center. When you want to provide a minimally invasive solution capable of reducing operational time for kidney and bladder stones, you should consider implementing the HYPHO laser in your practice.

Implementing Surgical Lasers in Your Practice

When you are looking to provide safe, effective, and affordable urology treatments to your patients, you need the medical laser solutions from SLI. Contact our team today to learn how you can implement our surgical laser solutions at your practice.

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Surgical lasers like the HYPHO compact holmium laser have made the treatment of kidney, upper ureter and bladder stones safer, more effective, and more comfortable for the patients. The HYPHO can also greatly reduces operating costs for your facility.

The treatment of kidney stones with urology lasers is a procedure referred to as laser lithotripsy. The laser is used to break apart the stones in a minimally invasive manner and without an incision. A ureteroscope is passed into the urinary tract which provides a channel for the laser’s fiber to access the stone. Then, when the laser energy breaks the stone, the smaller particles are retrieved by a surgeon (basket retrieval) or passed naturally during urination. The HYPHO laser can eliminates the requirement for basket retrieval with a process called “stone dusting,” which can shorten treatment times.

Like any medical procedure, laser lithotripsy may come with potential risks. These risks can include injury to the urinary tract, blood in the urine, infection, or the need for additional procedures if some stone fragments do not pass. The HYPHO laser can assist the surgeon in minimizing these risks. The versatility of the laser to target both large and small stones without damaging surrounding tissues and the laser’s long pulse durations increase control and the stability of the stone and can create smaller fragments (“dusting”) significantly reducing the risk of complications during and after laser lithotripsy.

The innovative HYPHO laser can increase efficiency of the procedure, increase control (reduce inadvertent stone migration), reduce patient recovery times, increase ROI for your practice, and provide a more comfortable experience overall for the patient. Contact our team today to learn more about the compact HYPHO laser and how you can implement it in your practice for laser lithotripsy.

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In previous posts, we discussed how the Pathfinder laser makes it possible for urologists to perform a BPH procedure in-office, resulting in a more comfortable patient experience. In addition to being a more convenient option for patients, the Pathfinder also increases the efficiency of your practice.

No Hospital Resources Required – The Pathfinder laser enables you to perform BPH procedure in-office, eliminating the need for a hospital stay. Scheduling resources with the hospital takes up valuable time and can be complicated. The ability to do everything in-office makes the process go much more smoothly.

Lower Operating Costs – The Pathfinder is portable, and costs less to operate and maintain. With its low-cost consumables and inexpensive maintenance, the Pathfinder saves your practice money while increasing its operational efficiency.

Long-Term Relief Quickly – Laser BPH using the Pathfinder laser is a convenient option for patients because it can cost less than a hospital visit, and can be done with local anesthetic. The treatment is also more than simply short term symptom relief and provides long-term relief for benign prostatic hyperplasia, reducing or eliminating the need for repeat treatment. With the Pathfinder laser, you will be able to perform more procedures per day, and those patients will likely not need additional treatment.

For more information about the Pathfinder and our other surgical lasers, contact the team at Surgical Lasers, Inc.

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The new compact (110V) HYPHO holmium laser is engineered and approved to perform multiple medical procedures including laser lithotripsy (fragmentation and “dusting”) and related soft tissue procedures (ablation & coagulation of soft tissue such as bladder tumours).  As it relates to its primary functionality, the new HYPHO urology laser is designed to maximize performance comprising simultaneous speed of ablation, safety & control.

The two common methods for the destruction and removal of kidney and bladder stones with a holmium laser are; fragmentation & “dusting”.  Fragmentation, is the traditional method associated with holmium laser lithotripsy which involves using the laser and fiber(s) to access and break down the stone into smaller pieces which are then removed with a basket.  Recently, a newer fragmentation technique referred to as “dusting” has been developed, which involves breaking the stones into small enough pieces for the patient to pass on their own, hence eliminating the requirement for basket retrieval.  

Stone “Dusting”; Reducing Total Treatment Time   “Dusting” the stone with a holmium laser and eliminating the requirement for basket retrieval can reduce total treatment time.  A more controlled form of fragmentation, “dusting” which breaks away smaller particles typically from the perimeter of the calculi, can be performed by increasing the photo-thermal interaction on the target tissue. In order to facilitate a true “dusting” interaction, the laser must either support; 1.)  high frequencies (measured in Hz), or 2.) longer pulse durations (measured in µsec).  

Generally speaking; higher powered (80+ watts), higher frequency (60 – 80 Hz), short pulse lasers which facilitate “dusting” run on 220V power and can be cost prohibitive. Lower cost, lower powered (25 – 30 watts) portable devices typically don’t support either high enough frequencies or long enough pulse durations to facilitate “dusting”.  The HYPHO urology lasers are truly capable of “dusting” which is facilitated by the longest pulse duration of any holmium laser on the market.

For more information on innovations in holmium laser engineering and the performance and control advantages of the HYPHO compact (110V) holmium urology laser for lithotripsy, contact the team at Surgical Lasers Inc. today.

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