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Using the HYPHO Compact Laser for Lithotripsy

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A result of decades of knowledge, experience and excellence in engineering holmium urology lasers, the HYPHO compact laser is specifically designed to optimize both performance and control when performing laser lithotripsy procedures. The HYPHO combines practical, technical, and clinical benefits of high-performance holmium lasers in a more cost-effective, compact device.

Laser Lithotripsy

A universally acknowledged treatment alternative, laser lithotripsy uses surgical lasers to fragment urinary calculi to a passable size or to the point where they can be removed during the procedure.  In this regard, a range of output energy is required to fragment all sizes of stone (hard and soft) in a safe and effective manner. While effective on most urinary calculi, compact systems may experience performance limitations on larger/harder stones. Conversely, larger, higher performance systems which run on 220V power, can be cost prohibitive.

A recent innovation in fragmentation techniques referred to as ‘dusting’ employs specific settings to break apart smaller fragments of urinary calculi, which can eliminate the requirement for basket retrieval and save considerable procedure time. Finally, control; fundamentally referring to inadvertent stone migration, is of paramount importance specifically in the kidney and upper ureter.  

Benefits of Using the HYPHO Laser for Lithotripsy

In addition to being more affordable than comparable holmium lasers, the HYPHO holmium laser has higher available output energy (joules) than any holmium laser available on the market today. This unparalleled performance is delivered in a compact design without the requirement for 220/240V input power.

With the largest range of output energy in its class, the HYPHO laser can also be adjusted to as low as .2 joules for smaller stones to minimize impact on sensitive areas.  Furthermore, the HYPHO is capable of all forms of fragmentation including dusting, and with the longest pulse duration in its class, delivers maximum control over inadvertent stone migration and retropulsion.  For those looking to maximize patient comfort, performance and control when performing laser lithotripsy treatments, without spending too much of their budget, there is no better surgical laser on the market. Contact our team today for more information.