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Return On Investment

While clinical efficacy, evidence based research, safety, functionailty and operational effectiveness are paramount in any decision regarding investment in medical technology, the total cost of ownership can have a significant impact in regards to hospital budget contraints and private practice profitability. High cost of technology based solutions can also indirectly affect the availabilty of the treatments. 

The revolutionary MP200 compact, portable diode laser and high quality optical fiber(s) boast the lowest total cost of ownership and the highest return on investment in it's class.


LOWEST Investment Cost of Equipment Checkbox

The economies of scale of manufacturing this multi-disciplinary diode laser are passed on to the market in the form of a lower purchase price compared to alternative laser systems.

LOWEST OVERALL Consumables Cost Checkbox

At the end of the day the cost of the fiber represents the single most important differentiator in the total cost of ownership equation.  The MP200 uses the industry’s most affordable, highest quality consumables including both lateral/side fire, contact and end cutting fibers.

LOWEST OVERALL Maintenance Costs Checkbox

Unlike competitive laser systems, the solid state nature of this high performance diode laser means it is virtually maintenance-FREE! While maintenance agreements are available, annual calibration usually is all that is required and costly monthly laser maintenance contracts can be an expense of the past!

LOWEST OVERALL Cost of Logistics Checkbox

A key issue for mobilizers, or group practices with multiple locations and a considerable component of the total cost of ownership is the logistics cost(s) to deliver laser systems to facilities and/or mobility within the facility. At less that 30Kg and housed in a portable case, mobility within and between facilities is easy and requires no special vehicles, equipment or personnel.

One Procedure – One Fiber Checkbox

Clearly the quality of manufacture must be taken into consideration and the one fiber per procedure means less waste and the best possible ROI.

Training Checkbox

Time and cost associated with training is minimized with fibers mimicking traditional TURP movements and techniques employed by existing laser technologies and training is included in the purchase price of the unit.

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