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Didactic and Hands-on Live Patient Clinical Workshops

Comprehensive technical, operational and clinical training are paramount to the successful implementation of any surgical laser device.  An overview of laser physics and fundamentals, absorption characteristics, modes of operation and technique(s) clearly indicates the operational efficiencies and safety considerations of the device.

Complimenting the didactic training programs are live patient clinical workshops with an experienced laser clinician as well as in-office operational and surgical training for new users.  With over 30 years of OR room training experience across multiple medical disciplines, the credibility, experience and knowledge of our clinical trainers enhances the implementation process and minimizes the learning  curve.

Clinical Workshops represent an excellent opportunity to learn more about the clinical technique, patient outcomes and  practical considerations for implementing laser technology, including in-office laser procedures.

Contact us to learn more about the clinical workshops schedule and locations.

May 12 - 15, 2017

AUA Annual Meeting

Boston, MA
Exhibit Hall Booth # 2746
Surgical Lasers Inc.

May 13, 2017

Innovations in Laser Cocktail Discussion

Boston, MA                                         Boston Long Warf Marriott  7:30 - 9:30pm In-Office BPH, Compact Holmium and Office-Based Lasers for GYN Treatments

June 24 - 27, 2017

CUA Annual Meeting

Toronto, ON
Exhibit Hall Booth # 102                            Surgical Lasers Inc.

Sept 7 - 9, 2017

AUA New England Meeting

Montreal, Que.
Exhibit Floor - Surgical Lasers Inc.

Sept 14 - 17, 2017

AUA Mid-Atlantic Meeting

Amelia IS, FL
Exhibit Floor - Surgical Lasers Inc.

Oct 4 - 7,  2017

AUA South Central Meeting

Naples, FL
Exhibit Floor - Surgical Lasers Inc.

Oct 12 - 14, 2017

AUA Northeast Meeting

Savannah, GA                                         Exibit Floor - Surgical Lasers Inc.

Nov 9, 2017

LUGPA Annual Meeting

Chicago, IL                                                    
Exhibit Floor - Surgical Lasers Inc.

Nov 12 - 17, 2017

AAGL Global Congress

Orlando, FL                                                   
Exhibit Floor - Surgical Lasers Inc.

Innovations in Surgical Laser Technology & Techniques LIVE Surgery Workshops include live clinical procedures with patients and an informative discussion on all aspects of in-office laser procedures for urology including clinical indications, practical benefits and return on investment considerations with specific focus on in-office laser BPH surgery under local anesthetic. Limited attendance. Please RSVP to 844-441-9090 or email

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